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Land solutions


DB Schenker delivers goods faslty and dependably, also FTL and LTL cargo. With DB Schenker your shipments will reach the destination according to schedule.

DB SCHENKERdirect relates to transport of shipments:

  • both domestic and international
  • with load heavier than 2 500 kg 
  • direct from customer to the recipient


DB Schenker experts will prepare a comprehensive service, which will optimize your company's logistic processes and effectiveness.

Cooperating with global operator you:

  • gain competitve advantage on your market
  • are dependable and always on time
  • efficiently manage your business

Last modified: 04.09.2017

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  • Certyfikat AEO F dla DB Schenker
  • DB Schenker Logistics znajduje się w TOP 5 krajów zaangażowanych w Cargo 2000 globalnie.
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