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Rail logistics

There is no limit to the railway network of DB Schenker

Thanks to the combination of various transport types you will gain time, safety and confidence.

We offer intermodal connections from sea harbours inland and the other way round. We can fetch your goods over the sea from e.g. Asia and will take care of it also at the further chain stage, that is on the land. Containers loaded with goods will be transported by rail to their destination.

Enlarge imageForklift lifting container off train2, Margit Wild

Shorten your way to success with 3 R - Road-Rail-Road:

  • service dedicated to customers who lack immediate access to railway infrastructure
  • complex management of goods: starting from organising road transport to the nearest siding where the goods are reloaded from the car to the railway carriage
  • the goods are transported by train for the major part of the route and then they are delivered to your customers

With 3R you will reach international markets easily and quickly in a way beneficial for the environment.

Last modified: 14.07.2016

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